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Outpatient programs typically advance clients’ established treatment plans, offering continuing addiction counseling and recovery education. Clients who enter outpatient care immediately following detox may also receive medical and mental health assessments and personalized treatment plans. Most outpatient rehabs provide multiple levels of care to align with clients’ unique needs. The New Beginning Recovery mission is to help residents live productively and achieve long term recovery. We use a holistic approach; physical, mental, and spiritual with a strong emphasis on social inclusion with regards to racial, ethnic, socio-economic status, disability, health, and sexual orientation. Ours is a dynamic, nurturing community that responds to individual needs, as it endorses mutual understanding and respect.

BA JD, Executive Director

Addiction is a highly complex problem, and drug rehab in Massachusetts is often necessary to address it. These programs treat physical, mental, and relational issues that are involved. Treatment empowers individuals to manage these issues without the use of drugs. Mary-Kate believes in a holistic approach towards helping clients achieve long-term sobriety, and is thrilled to continue on her path in working in recovery with the Granada team. Erik brings significant experience in human services, non-profit management, and general legal practice to New Beginning Recovery.

  1. New Beginning Recovery specializes in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, opioid addiction, and substance abuse.
  2. Each program and level of care includes a comprehensive assessment, individualized treatment plan, and evidence-based therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, or dialectical behavioral therapy.
  3. Residential treatment programs are those that offer housing and meals in addition to substance abuse treatment.
  4. During this time, New Beginning Recovery transitioned from its longtime home in the South End to a new facility in lower Roxbury.

Assistant Program Director

Prior to joining New Beginning Recovery, Vijay worked for a multi-state social service agency for over 23 years, beginning his career as a social worker and ending as their Vice President of Operations. Vijay also maintained his own practice since 1997 and supported a caseload of diverse clients as their therapist. Joe brings almost 30 years of experience in the Substance Abuse treatment field to New Beginning Recovery, covering a wide range of expertise. His first full-time position was at New Beginning Recovery in Boston as Business Manager. Prior to that, he was working in the accounting department of Badger Engineers, a subsidiary of Raytheon. Group therapy is any therapeutic work that happens in a group (not one-on-one).

Sober Living Homes

Sharing your insights and experiences can help others learn more about this rehab center. Working with others, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect, we want to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. After that, Joe went to work as Program Director of Sullivan House, a 24-bed recovery home for men which is part of Middlesex Human Service Agency. During this time, New Beginning Recovery transitioned from its longtime home in the South End to a new facility in lower Roxbury. Since 2011, he has also held a position as an instructor in the Alcohol Counselor Education Program at UMass Boston.


Our mission is to help residents live productively and achieve long term recovery. A person who has alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) builds up a physical tolerance to alcohol. Treatment is available for this condition, through alcohol rehab in Massachusetts. Treatment options include AA, detox, counseling, medication, residential programs, and outpatient treatment. Social and family support systems are crucial during and after treatment of any kind.

Vijay is an active member of the Social Work Council of the Western New England University Social Work department and helps in the planning and implementation of the annual Social Work Conference. Since 2007, Vijay has volunteered extensively in helping resettlement and empowerment of Bhutanese refugee families from Nepal. We do not receive any commission or fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a caller chooses.

Mary-Kate comes to the New Beginning Recovery with a wealth of management as well as life experience. Mary-Kate has always felt passionate about taking care of others, and spreading the knowledge of self-care. She studied nutrition at the University of UMass in Lowell, and then embarked on a 10 year journey of running some of Boston’s most well-loved restaurants.

You’ll also attend recovery support groups, receive family counseling, and beneficial skills training to help you promote your mental health and sustain long-term recovery. In Massachusetts, substance abuse treatment programs can help to address addiction and, if relevant, any co-occurring mental health conditions. Programs include outpatient, inpatient, dual-diagnosis, and partial hospitalization.

When space becomes available, the Case Manager will be informed of the date/time of intake. There is a moment when a person decides that they, too, are ready to live a truly productive life. When they are willing to move beyond what they’ve known to a life in which they can act with confidence, live with assurance, dream of the road that lies ahead. 100% of all donations will be used for the care and treatment for our residents. Lancashire Police have now joined Lancashire Fire Service in the investigation into what caused a huge fire which destroyed a former government building.