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Esport Agency

Esports is a rapidly evolving world, and it can be hard to keep up. The sheer scale of this evolution is staggering, with the economy of the industry now numbering several billions of dollars. As an entertainment, esports is already worth more, and watched more, than most traditional sports.

And more money and viewers mean more professional teams, and professional esports players. But electronic sport is also a very young industry, considering the age of both the industry itself, the viewers, the organizations, and, of course, the players. With the amount of money involved, some people see in esports an opportunity to abuse a widely inexperienced market. This is especially true for young, talented, and often naïve players, that will sign just about anything to accomplish their dreams of making it as a pro. This is where the esport agent comes in.

  • why is tournament sponsorship is Great ?

    Tournament Sponsorship

    Sponsoring a tournament is great for marketing and branding, reaching a new audience, and increasing customer relations. Sponsoring a tourney allows you to put your brand on all ads,posts,and streams related to the event, ensuring maximized exposure.

  • What is Team Sponsorship

    Team Sponsorship

    There is no denying, gaming culture is on a rapid rise. The League of Legends is melding traditional sports and online gaming with a city-based league structure, and eSports are even being considered for the Olympics.

    And with services like Twitch, YouTube, and social media making it easier than ever for streamers and eSports teams to grow massive followings, it’s no surprise that the demand for gaming sponsorships is greater than ever.

  • In-game Branding Campaign

    In-game advertising is a monetization strategy that game developers use to boost their game's revenue. Game developers earn money and get paid by showing mobile game ads to their users.
    This way, the ads become a part of the user experience and can help improve app engagement and retention rates.

  • how can you customize your campaign?

    Customized IMC Campaign

    An integrated marketing campaign combines multiple channels such as content, email, display advertising and social media in order to promote a consistent message to a specific audience. ... An integrated campaign can prove more successful than utilizing only a single advertising channel to a limited audience.

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    VCS SPRING 2019
    Clear Men Swipes All
    Hijacking League of Legends
    VCS SPRING 2019
    Clear Men Swipes All
    Hijacking League of Legends
    Clear Men Swipes All
    Hijacking League of Legends
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